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It’s been a month!

(as of September 16th)

We have started up some routine events based on what people have shown interested in.

For the time being:

Tuesday nights have become Dungeon Crawl Classic (DCC) nights.

(Every Other) Thursday evenings are our Young Adventurers D&D group.

Friday, September 20th, will be the beginning of our painting workshops.

Saturday afternoons are Pick Up Group D&D games.

Saturday evenings we will begin organizing matches for Warhammer.
(If you are interested in finding someone to play with, please email us so we can help schedule games)

We will be having a special Call of Cthulhu event on Friday the 13th.|
(Update: Call of Cthulhu was a hit and we would like to start doing it once a month.)



6738 Center Rd. ste 200
Valley City, OH 44280

(330) 548-4263

Store Hours:

11AM - 9PM
11AM - 9PM
11AM - 9PM
11AM - 9PM
11AM - 9PM
11AM - 9PM



Most people see game shop and they think video games, but none of that here, folks!

We're a small, family owned, tabletop gaming shop. What does that mean, you ask? That means board games, card games, dice games, role playing games and the miniatures & paints to go with them. All the non electronic gaming gear you need, we have it!

With a larger retail space after renovations, we are able to carry a wide variety of games and accessories to purchase that fit just about everyone's interests. Like playing wargames? We'll have Warhammer. RPGs? Dungeons and Dragons, Call of Cthuhlu, Shadow Run, and Starfinder, just to name a few. Magic the Gathering a little more up your alley? We'll have that too. Casual game player? Try Gloom, Sushi Go, Lost in R'lyeh, and many more. Want something to play with the kids? We have that too. Maybe you are interested in a new hobby and painting rpg miniatures sounds fun. We've got everything you need if you're just getting started or you are a seasoned mini painter.

Want to buy a game and take it home to play? That's cool, we can help point you in the right direction no matter your interests. Want to buy it and play right then in house with your friends, you're more than welcome.

Aside from our retail selection, we have 200+ games in our community section that are available for everyone to come and play in house, and we're just getting started.

Not only can you play in house from our community games collection or games you've purchased, but we have two large custom gaming tables to play on, specifically designed for tabletop game play. We have several other regular tables too, of course.

Stay tuned for all sorts of family friendly events we'll be having in the future. We plan on having events for all different ages and experience levels.

Come adventure with us!

We are located behind/connected to Samosky’s Pizza.

Please continue to check out our Instagram.


Things that will happen at our shop

Tabletop RPGS & War Games

Play D&D or Warhammer with a group?  Come on in and play on our custom gaming tables.  Looking for a group the play with?  Come to a "free-play" event and meet some other people looking to find a group.  Never played before but interested in what all the fuss is about?  The owners would love to teach you everything they know.

Community events

We'll set up a bunch of card games and board games;  You come and try them all out!  Come for the family-friendly Pokemon tournaments, or the Pathfinder gladiator tournament.

board Games

Tons of board games to choose from in lots of different genres. Whatever your interests, we can help point you in the right direction of a game you’d probably like.

DM Workshopping

Never DM'd before?  Have a homebrew campaign that your players torpedoed by being ridiculous and need to consult other DMs to try and figure out how to salvage your story?  We have regularly scheduled writing workshops.

Miniature Painting & paints

We have regularly scheduled painting workshops with communal painting supplies if you need it.  Give advice to the people who are just getting started, or get advice from the people who have been doing it for longer than you.  Everyone can learn.

Card Games

While Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon may not be our focus we'll have plenty card games and plenty of table space to play them with your friends.


The essence of a role-playing game is that it is a group, cooperative experience.
— Gary Gygax


Contact Us.

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We are not currently in business, but would be happy to help or organize any gaming group that wants to start.

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